London, UK

                   The London Eye

I stepped into the beautiful United Kingdom for the first time in my life. It was an amazing feeling to travel all by myself without my family and friends; with bags all packed and shoe laces tight, I was off to see the world. I took a direct flight from New Delhi, India to London. My flight was 8 hour long, but was pretty good in general. After a smooth landing, I tried to find a way to get to the Greater London where I was staying (airbnb). My Internet took ages to connect and I really felt lost when I could barely understand the directions people were giving me. I went to the information desk, asked them all kinds of weird questions and bought myself an oyster card to use public transportation. I got a regular card, but my advice for anybody willing to visit London for a couple of days would be to get a 7 day pass. It is much cheaper if you spend 37 pounds on the 7-day pass, than to recharge it almost 4 times for 10 pounds each within my 5 day stay in the city. It is a massive place and this can be a tip on saving money if you want to travel quicker and cheaper with buses, tubes (underground metro) or the overground metro.

The beautiful Bridge
                   The beautiful Bridge

London is one of its kinds. The place defines the “Royalty” perfectly. I saw everybody dressed well at all times and in all places. From little babies to older people, men dressed in suits and boots and women in dresses, heels, stockings and coat/jacket for the cold. Their makeup was always done perfectly, and not even one person I saw was different. It was only visitors in London who could be recognised by a distance. The place is very expensive so I followed a strict budget for my lavish stay. I visited all the interesting tourist attraction on day 2 and 3. I went around the popular and most happening  Oxford Street and Bond Street on day 3. I tried talking to people to know if I was missing out anything major. Day 4 was a Friday so I decided to hang out with a couple of friends from SAS in a club in Leicester square which turned out to be really cool. Day 5 I went to Richmond and walked around the river Thames to have a nice Lunch and coffee with a nice view. The food in London was amazing. I had all different types of cuisine on all 5 days and made the most out of the city. I cannot remember one single thing that I missed out, and yet maintained my budget of 300 pounds for 5 days. 

My experience in London was amazing. I was keeping myself entertained all the time. The people are really nice to talk to, but not as friendly as you might expect them to be. The transportation drivers were quite rude, but the natives around in the bus would always help you if you ask them. I was drooling over the British accent and kept wanting to talk to more people for all kind of little stuff.

Sorry for the less pictures but I lost my phone which had all the good pictures. I would talk more about my life at the sea in my upcoming post. Also, the story behind my lost Iphone.

By Nikhil Bansal

Graduate from the University of Mississippi in 2017 and now working at my farm in Zambia. Follow me through my living experiences in different parts of the world.

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Dear Nikhil, it seems you’re enjoying your trip and also gaining new experiences. Best of luck. Looking forward to know more about it.


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